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Come Back Home to Yourself

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Hi, I'm Laurita Gorman

I’m a Holistic & Somatic Psychotherapist, Embodiment Facilitator, Storyteller, international speaker, writer, and global retreat leader.  I am also the Founder of ReWilding the Feminine, a collective sisterhood space that supports women in coming back home to the sacredness and wisdom of their bodies, so they can heal their wounds and embrace their feminine essence.  


I am on a mission to inspire and support people around the world to discover emotional freedom, embody radical acceptance, and reclaim fulfilling lives, on their own terms!

ReWilding the Feminine


Join the circle of powerful women while on retreat as we dive deep into reconnecting and reclaiming the sacred feminine parts of ourselves and step into our fullness as women!  Connecting deeply with our bodies and nourishing our nervous systems so that we can finally release negative experiences, find lasting freedom, and express our true essence.

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Work With Me

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Laurita is a wonderful therapist. She is very understanding of her clients and takes time to build a relationship where the client can feel safe, heard and gain confidence each session. Laurita takes the time to truly connect her clients with their emotions, identify triggers and builds a tool kit to help out when uncomfortable feelings may arise again. Laurita has really helped me challenge myself to change and encouraged me throughout the entire process. She was there for the ups and downs of the journey and really made me feel that I could make positive changes to better my life each and every day.

Thank you Laurita!


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