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The ReWilded Woman

Intimate Women's Circle

Saturday November 14th 2020


Location:  The Wonder Dome, Sunshine Coast

Release ReWild Reclaim

For centuries women have gathered in circle together to support one another along our individual and collective journey’s of womanhood. This ancient practice of coming together in circle holds so much power and medicine for deep healing.


Join Laurita Gorman, Holistic/Somatic Psychotherapist & Embodiment Facilitator, for a soulful & therapeutic informed experiential journey of ReWilding within.

The ReWilded Woman is about reconnecting and reclaiming parts of ourselves that haven’t fully been expressed or experienced yet. It is about stepping into our fullness as women and expressing ourselves authentically. It is about tuning in more deeply with the felt body and listening to its messages. It is about reclaiming our desires, our dreams, and our pleasure.  It is about tapping into our intuition and that deeper part of ourselves that goes beyond our roles and titles, and exploring our essence, the wilder side of self.

Each month, we gather together in circle to connect deeply with each other and create a community where we can feel safe to express ourselves and be held in our process of whatever we are currently moving through at the time.  It is a space to discover and remember more of who we are; in our wholeness.  A space to be seen & heard, and to cultivate safety without any judgement or pressure to be anything but yourself.

Diving deep into the innate wisdom of our bodies, unraveling the dark, illuminating the light, and releasing the wild woman.  The ReWilded Woman gatherings are deep, insightful, powerful, beautiful, inspiring, moving, and light-hearted.  We dive deep AND rise high so that we can move through the tough spots together and cultivate joy and pleasure along the way.

Our innate wild is our birthright, to live free from the expectations and confines of conditioning that have held us back from our fullest expression of self.

Our wild is our medicine, to move our bodies through the instinctual and intuitive gateways so we can create spaces for release and for healing to begin.

Our wild is our aliveness, the expression of our all-ness, without reservation. To voice our truths and honour what is resting on our hearts.

Our wild is our connection, to self, to others, to nature. To gather in community and feel deeply held and supported by fellow women as we traverse our own inner landscape, tenderly.

Together, we will connect and journey through the layers, hold space for and support our fellow sisters, and we will guide ourselves back home to our body, the vessel that houses our soul.


In this journey, we will dive deep into discussion together in circle.  We will dialogue about the healing process, embodiment, nervous system regulation, shifting old paradigms and beliefs, reclaiming our power and voice, embodying all that we desire, and have opportunities to share and connect, and then you will be guided through practices to help connect you more deeply to others and also to that untouched part of self that yearns to be felt. We will engage and ground through instinctual movement and somatic/embodiment practices and connect to sound and breath.

We will come back in circle to connect, share, and integrate, accompanied by tea and nibbles, and a gathering around the fire for integration.


It will be a nourishing space to feel a sense of belonging within a beautiful community of women. All of yourself is welcome to this space. It is a space to come home to all of who you are.

This circle is open to all who identify as a woman or non-binary.


I am so looking forward to seeing all you beautiful souls in circle as we move through our journey of releasing and building resiliency so we can continue to rise in our light, together.


Laurita Gorman is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Embodiment Facilitator who helps women to heal old wounds and stories of limitation, so they can reclaim their worth and wild, and lead lives that set them on fire. She is fiercely passionate about creating powerful immersion experiences that support women in releasing all that has been holding them back so they can tap into their power, voice, and truth.  Laurita has worked with thousands of women all around the world guiding them back home to their wild selves so they can be seen exactly as they are and become powerful and fierce leaders of their own lives, cultivating all of what they wholeheartedly yearn for. Laurita is also the founder of a women's collective that supports women in coming back home to the sacredness and wisdom of their bodies so they can heal the wounds and embrace their wholeness. She speaks at conferences all around the world and her writing has been featured on Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Thought Catelog, and Positively Positive. Her upcoming book about her own journey of healing and processes that are deeply supportive will be released in 2021.  She offers online group programs, works one on one with women, and leads transformational retreats in incredible places all over the world.

Please note: All practices and sharing are optional. You will not be expected to engage or share in anything that you would prefer not to. You are in full control and have the autonomy to make the choices that you need that evening. Honouring of the self is most important and you will be held and supported always.

Please dress comfortably and wear what makes you feel most, YOU! There is no need or expectation to wear anything particular. The ReWilded Woman is about honouring YOUR truest expression of self. There will be movement so please dress comfortably.

Please bring:

~a notebook and pen
~a special item that holds meaning for you
~layered clothing to accommodate if you become cool or warm
~yoga mat
~cushion to sit on

Location: The Wonder Dome, Sunshine Coast.  Google Maps often will direct you past the property.  Head to where Fig Tree Lane & Allandale Road meet.  Look for the large 187 sign with a white heart and head up the driveway. 

Please arrive at 8:45am to allow time to settle in for our 9:00am start.

The ReWilded Woman
The ReWilded Woman
Nov 14, 2020, 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
187 Allandale Rd,
187 Allandale Rd, North Arm QLD 4561, Australia
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