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Basket and Wild Flowers



Nourish your heart                 Awaken your spirit                   Calm your mind

Two Women
Two Women

Saturday August 10th 2024

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, just a 30 minute drive from Maroochydore, our retreat space is nestled among the trees in a quiet area overlooking stunning scenery.  Surrounded by green landscape, our cozy and spacious venue is the perfect picturesque spot to immerse ourselves deeply and find our way back home to our bodies.

A cozy winter's day, incredible women, and deeply inspiring conversations await you. While surrounded by some of the most passionate and inspiring people you’ll meet, you will form deep connections with like-minded women and together we will nourish our hearts, bodies, and minds.


                 RECONNECT with your Self, needs, and desires so you can live in your truest expression and feel 

                  deeply fulfilled

                 RESTORE your connection with your body and inner nature so that you can cultivate more awareness,

                 acceptance, and resilience leading to a more authentic you

                 RECLAIM your voice, power, and body so you can live on your own terms and fully embody your true self                          while feeling wild, whole, and worthy      

Now is the time to nourish all parts of you!

They asked her, "how did you free yourself?"
She answered, "By embracing my own power."

-Bessie Roaming

What To Expect

Service Name

  • Learn about your nervous system and how to heal & support it day to day

  • Discover tools and practices to help you regulate, ground yourself, and move energy in and out of the body

  • A somatic inquiry experience to anchor into wellness

  • Gentle yoga and mindfulness class to nourish the body

  • Instinctual movement session to build our interoception and proprioception skills

  • Integration time to connect with others, or enjoy space for yourself in solitude to rest and restore your body and mind

  • Connection with like-minded women who will become your sisters

  • Authentic relating practices to co-regulate and deepen womanhood

  • Fun, laughs, silliness, and spontaneous dance breaks to let loose and embody joy

Forest Trees

We know how busy life can feel at times, and we also know that when we take time to deeply nourish ourselves, we feel inspired, and connected again!

And even though there is probably a never ending list of “to do’s” filling up your life right now, we’ve discovered that deep transformations happen when you step outside of the day-to-day routine and step out of your comfort zone just enough to have the space to tune into your heart, body and spirit.

It is time to become a NOURISHED woman.

To immerse yourself in nature away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life.

To enjoy the journey free of distraction so that you can finally take a deep breath and let go.

To unburden yourself in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded women who “get” you and are ready to support you on this deeply moving experience.

To un-learn the stories and conditioning that no longer serve you in order to embody the most nourished and powerful version of yourself.

To come home renewed with more power and clarity and ready to embrace your life with a new found sense of ease and freedom.

Wellness Coach

Your body is your ally, not your enemy.  The more we can attune and commune with it from a place of love, compassion, and understanding - the more we can create the conditions for optimal health, embodied joy, and authentic connection.

This is for the woman who

Craves a meaningful and inspiring day to reconnect with her heart, body, and soul

Wants to find clarity in her life so she can move forward feeling inspired and aligned

Desires to truly embody more confidence so that she can show up more fully in all areas of her life

Is committed to nourishing her nervous system and being in devotion to her body 

Yearns to nourish her relationship with her body and create more harmony within so she can thrive


Knows in her heart that there’s a bigger purpose for her life and is ready to take inspired action

Is curious to connect more deeply with her intuition so that she can trust her nudges and anchor into her truth

Loves to connect more deeply and intimately with like-minded women and create sacred sisterhood in community

Is ready to reclaim her voice, power, and body and become a fully embodied and nourished woman

Flow of the Day

9:00am -   Arrival

9:15am -   Opening Circle

10:00am - Break/Tea & Snacks

10:15am - Nervous System Workshop + Somatic Inquiry

12:00am - Lunch + Connection

1:30pm -   Yoga + Embodiment Session

2:45pm -   Workshop

3:30pm -   Closing Circle

4:00pm -   Depart

*Schedule subject to change based on needs of the group*

Yoga Retreat

What's Included

Full day retreat immersion with workshops, somatic tools & experiential embodiment practices 

Hands on somatic body work to support nervous system restoration (optional)

Yoga, meditation, and breathwork class

Live Group Coaching & Somatic Sessions

Education about neuroscience and the nervous system


A delicious plant based lunch + healthy snacks for grazing


Herbal teas and water

Opening & Closing Sacred Ceremony

Sacred sisterhood circle time (everyone's favourite part!)

Incredible conversations, paradigm-shifting insights, priceless connections and copious laughter

A Nourished Woman gift bag!

Optional:  Use of the sauna and cold plunge tub for an additional fee of $10 made to the venue

Registration & Payment Information

Saturday August 10th 2024


Registration is now OPEN for The NOURISHED Woman Retreat


SPECIAL PRE-SALE PRICE: $222 AUD + transaction fee (includes everything)

Pre-sale price is currently in place until July 12th 2024

Spots have already been taken so if you are feeling a full hearted YES to this then book now!


Regular Price - $279 AUD + transaction fee

Hear from Other Women

"Laurita provided a mind, body, and soul experience that allowed me to quiet my mind and open my heart and truly experience the calmness of being one with my mind and body, and of all things I would say this was one of the most powerful moments I had experienced. The bond built within our tribe of women was remarkable.  We laughed, cried, and connected with one another, and it did not take long before these complete strangers felt like family that I had known my whole life.  We experienced a shift together, and because of this will forever be bonded."

" Life gets busy, it's so easy to lose sight of ourselves and what our body and souls need and this retreat is tailor made to help you focus on reviving yourself and connecting with yourself in a way that doesn't seem possible. I am so excited to join this retreat again, and I cannot wait to reconnect with myself as well as to connect with the amazing women embarking on this journey of self-realization and self-love."

"I discovered so much about myself while I was on retreat.  I formed new beliefs and a new level of trust.  Trust in my journey.  Trust in the universe.  Trust that what is, is meant to be.  I had amazing experiences with meditation that I hadn't before.  I met new people who will stay in my heart forever.  We had an incredible tribe!  I came back a better version of me, a more authentic version of me.  And each day I take a moment before I get out of bed to continue my practices that I fully embraced while on retreat.  I will forever and ever be grateful for my experience and to Laurita for leading me there and leading me through."

Hi, I'm Laurita

~Holistic Psychotherapist & Facilitator MSW RSW &
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Writer, Speaker

With over 20 years of education and experience in the mental health and personal development fields, I have worked with and supported thousands of women through their own journey's of growth and have been witness to incredible breakthroughs and shifts.  


I am a woman, and therapist, that truly adores the work I am honoured to facilitate in the world. With deep compassion and a loving nudge, I will hold space for you to travel the terrain you need to in order to find healing and freedom. I combine my extensive education, knowledge, and skill set with my innate and intuitive ability to guide you to the roots of yourself and uncover your unwavering resilience and intrinsic worth.


Together, hand in hand, we traverse the wild inner landscape and liberate you from what's been holding you back, so you can rise as the NOURISHED woman you truly are...grounded, embodied, and free.

Woman on a Deserted Road

This retreat isn't about just feeling nourished on the day, it's also about creating the foundations, learning the practices, and supporting your body as you move forward on your path.

It's about reclaiming your voice, power and body as you step more fully into your life and embody all parts of you. 

You will leave with new knowledge and understanding, tools and practices, and new friendships and connections that will feel so nourishing for your heart and soul ~ the type of connection all women yearn for and crave. 

Women thrive in supportive communities, and this is where you will be seen, heard, held, loved, and celebrated for YOU!

Women's Experiences

Caldera group pic_edited.jpg

"I loved hearing women share their vulnerabilities, i love how that made me feel like it’s so normal and how we all have something we’re carrying. I feel like in that space for me it was such an amazing experience to witness that everyone has a journey. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and sit in sisterhood to share and heal and give love to yourself and others. It’s a welcoming warm and safe space to share, learn and grow.  I felt so happy and comfortable. I loved regulating as a group it’s powerful, truly grateful for such an incredible day."

"The retreat was such a beautiful experience. A day filled with a wonderful group of women there to open their hearts, to learn to grow. Well thought out exercises designed to open your eyes, each one having balancing out the next with whatever your body needed. I came in not sure what I was looking for and left feeling like I knew exactly who I was and I what I wanted. Thank you to Laurita and to the amazing women in the group that day! Love you all, my experience wouldn’t be the same with each and everyone of you! I can’t wait for the next one!!"

"The retreat was incredible! I would recommend this day to anyone. Connecting with ladies and sharing our stories in a safe secure space was great. I left feeling enlightened and refreshed. Laurita is a kind compassionate thought provoking leader.  If you are feeling called to this experience just say yes!! We all deserve to be surrounded by supportive woman who lift us up and remind us how incredible we are !!  I have learned so much about myself. Laurita has such an amazing way to help you remember how powerful and special we all are."

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk is took to blossom"

- Anais Nin



Now is the time to finally say YES to yourself and come back home to your true self!

Choose to embark on this nourishing journey.

Choose to rise up and transform your life.

Choose love.

Choose you.

Because nothing changes in our lives, until we do!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to bring:

Wear comfortable clothing and bring layers to accommodate for the cooler weather.  We will be active so make sure to bring clothes you can move in.  Please bring a journal and pen to take notes if you wish and also for reflection.   Herbal tea, water, and light snacks + lunch will be provided, but if you require other food/beverage needs you are more than welcome to bring that along.  Please also bring one special item of significance (a photo, piece of jewellery, letter, crystal) - you will take this back home with you too.  We have several yoga mats and bolsters available but please bring yours if you have one so that those who don't have their own can use the ones provided in the space.  You are welcome to bring your swimsuit and towel if you choose to use the sauna and cold plunge tub. 

Where is the retreat being held:

The retreat is being held on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  The venue is a 30 minute drive from Maroochydore and about a 15 minute drive from Noosa.  You will receive the address and directions once your booking is complete.


All activities, practices, and experiences are optional.  This is YOUR retreat.  We respect and value your autonomy and agency and you are welcome to take breaks as needed and tend to your own needs - whatever that looks like for you.  


Please be aware that no refunds are available.  If you are no longer able to attend, you are welcome to  to transfer your ticket to a friend or someone on the waitlist.  In the event that the venue or host needs to cancel the retreat under circumstances out of our control, you ticket will be transferred to the new scheduled date (if you are unable to attend the new date, please contact Laurita at


You will have access to the sauna and cold plunge tub, if you choose to use them.  The payment for this is made directly to the venue on the day and is $10 AUD per person (no time limit of use).  We ask that you only use the cold plunge tub if you have prior experience and are familiar with how to regulate your body through this, as this is not a guided activity. 


Your investment is $222 AUD (early bird pricing) inclusive of the 7.5 hour day retreat experience, workshops, guided practices, nervous system education, printed materials to take home, morning and afternoon snacks, catered lunch, and a gift bag to take home.

Special Dietary Requests:

A nourishing plant based lunch and healthy snacks will be provided.  If you have a severe allergy to a specific food, please contact Laurita at .  Please note, our lunch will be a vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, and nut free dish.


You will leave this day feeling regulated, resourced, and deeply connected to yourself and a beautiful group of women.  These friendships and connections you will make will be deeply nourishing and feel like a breath of fresh air!

You will walk away with the most important and practical tools to support your body through all of life's chapters.  And you will hold in your heart an incredible amount of love and compassion and a new

felt sense of joy and inspiration!

Your village is waiting to welcome you with wide open arms!

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