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The Nourished Woman


Facilitated by Laurita Gorman (MSW SEP),
Founder & CEO at
The Nourished Woman

The NOURISHED Woman Collective is a community of

like-minded women who are deeply devoted to becoming a fully embodied and nourished woman in today's

modern society.


I have supported thousands of women throughout my career and I've come to realize that women thrive when they feel connected, confident, and powerful - this is why I created

The Nourished Woman. 


This is a space to gather, to learn, to receive, to connect, and to boldly reclaim all of who you are while nourishing all parts of you.


Becoming a member of The NOURISHED Woman Collective
provides you with the practices, resources, experiences, and community to support you along your path of nourishment. 

The NOURISHED Woman is already within you, and this is the
sacred space to create more ease & freedom to bring her to life! 

The NOURISHED Woman includes:

Monthly LIVE Group
Calls & Coaching


Monthly LIVE Group
Calls & Coaching

A monthly live masterclass and coaching/Q & A session to receive direct support from Laurita.
Plus Guest Experts for workshops and teachings.


Audio, Video & Workbook Resources

Access to a private podcast with teachings from Laurita, plus a members only portal with resources and classes to support your healing + growth.


Community, Connection
& Co-regulation

An ongoing community to keep you accountable, share your challenges, celebrate your wins, support one another, and create sacred sisterhood.


They asked her, "how did you free yourself?"
She answered, "By embracing my own power."
-Bessie Roaming

Hear it from our members:

"Most my life I struggled with being a doormat; never setting boundaries, allowing people to disrespect me, and pushing myself to care for others before I even thought of my needs. Laurita has given me the tools to change that!  She not only held the space for me to give myself permission to take care of my needs, but taught me how to better identify and express them, too."

"She is an expert at holding a space that feels so comfortable, open, respectful, and even spiritual. Laurita helped me uncover many of the limiting beliefs that I clung to. Always with a heart full of gratitude for the purposes they served at one time in my life. I am taking all the tools she has given me and learning to apply them, with growing confidence, to my life and my relationships. I will forever be a better version of myself because of this time and I highly recommend Laurita to anyone and everyone!"

"I am speaking up more.  I feel more confident each day and even in anxiety provoking moments, I know I can work through it. I’ve also found my voice, and My relationships with others are much better and I’m able to open up with those close to me in times when I’m feeling not myself. Most important is my relationship with myself, I am more kind, loving, and nurturing to myself than I have ever been in my entire life."

"Working with Laurita has been life-changing for me. I am becoming more in touch with my feelings, more connected to my body & closer to my joy.  Laurita has helped me identify & work through deep childhood trauma & given me everyday strategies to address triggers & develop new patterns that better serve me. I feel lighter & more aware of myself. I would highly recommend Laurita to anyone who wants to dive deep into their soul with an amazing facilitator to live their best life!"

"Laurita creates an environment where l feel 100% safe to be myself. Her approach is one that has supported and guided me to look within myself for the answers I am searching for which has been so empowering. Since working with Laurita all of my relationships have improved - including the most important one, my relationship to self.  I am so grateful to have found her."

"This was exactly what I needed before I knew I needed it. Throughout my journey with Laurita, I was able to work through many different parts of my life. After working with Laurita, I have noticed a change within myself.  She has taught me strategies that I will continue to use during my everyday life and when struggles appear. I can honestly say that I am living a happier and more authentic life because of my journey with Laurita."


You are meant for so much more than feeling stressed & anxious, living with chronic self-doubt, and always taking care of everyone else.


You were born to shine exactly as you are, to be confident, and feel alive.


The freedom and joy to be exactly the woman you want to be is liberating.


And this woman is yours to witness, embody, & reclaim!

Women Holding Hands

The NOURISHED Woman Collective is where women gather to tap back into their own inner wisdom, deepen their connection to Self, and nourish their nervous system to feel more
grounded, resourced, and empowered.

I remember....

I remember what it was like to feel meek and small, to feel terrified to speak up about how I truly felt, and to deal with agonizing anxiety.


I remember what it was like to constantly over extend myself as a means to gain acceptance, to constantly feel frustrated in relationships, and to over-analyze everything.


I remember what it was like to live in constant survival mode, to feel overwhelmed and unclear, and to struggle tapping into my intuition and power.


I read the books, listened to the podcasts, and tried everything to feel better.


And yet, I still struggled.


Until I dug deeper and found the tools, practices, and frameworks that really made sense to me and felt validating. I didn't feel broken anymore, I didn't feel hopeless, and I didn't feel like I had to change myself.


That's when things finally shifted for me, in every possible way. And, I am always learning and growing through these layers. Because I'm an imperfect, yet whole human.


And I am here to guide you through an incredible journey so that you too can NOURISH yourself and rise up as the rooted and embodied woman you are!

me sun.jpg

Hi, I'm Laurita

~Holistic Psychotherapist MSW RSW &
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

With over 20 years of education and experience in the mental health and personal development fields, I have worked with and supported thousands of women through their own journey's of growth and have been witness to incredible breakthroughs and shifts.  


I am a woman, and therapist, that truly adores the work I am honoured to facilitate in the world. With deep compassion and a loving nudge, I will hold space for you to travel the terrain you need to in order to find healing and freedom. I combine my extensive education, knowledge, and skill set with my innate and intuitive ability to guide you to the roots of your suffering and uncover your unwavering resilience and intrinsic worth.


Together, hand in hand, we traverse the wild inner landscape and liberate you from the shackles of shame and pain, so you can rise as the NOURISHED woman you truly are...grounded, embodied, and free.

Flower Girl

Begin your journey

12 x monthly payments

Includes the full NOURISHED Woman Experience





1 x annual payment

Includes the full NOURISHED Woman Experience PLUS

extra bonuses

Themes Explored:

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Relational Mastery

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Shadow Work

  • Parts Work

  • Beliefs & Mindset

  • Self Expression

  • Embodiment & Movement

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership

  • Voice Alchemy

  • Somatic Inquiry

It is time to nourish your mind, body, and souland live a life grounded in joy, ease, and connection.

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