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Basket and Wild Flowers

The Nourished Woman
Day Retreat

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Saturday August 10th 2024


Facilitated by Laurita Gorman (MSW SEP),
Founder & CEO at
The Nourished Woman

A nourishing day to come back home to your heart, reconnect with your body, and soothe your nervous system  ~ while in community with like-minded women.

Our nourishing day will include:

We know that life can feel really full at times, and we also know that taking a day to nourish yourself can be just the medicine you need to return back to your heart.

And even though there is probably a never ending list of “to do’s” filling up your life right now, we’ve discovered that deep transformations happen when we step outside of the daily grind and get some distance from our usual schedule so we can have the space to tune into our true authentic version of ourselves!

Get ready to....

RECONNECT with your soul, needs, and desires so you can live in your truest expression of self feeling deeply fulfilled

REWILD your inner nature so that you can cultivate more awareness, acceptance, and resilience leading to a more authentic you

RECLAIM your voice, power, and body so you can live on your own terms and fully embody your true self feeling free         

Burning Incense
Yoga Retreat

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