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ReWilding the Feminine

Muskoka Weekend Retreat

May 13th-16th 2021

A Weekend Away for Women to Reconnect, ReWild, and Reclaim

If you are passionate about creating an authentic life that you wake up to everyday feeling alive, inspired, and free, then join us on the shores of Lake Muskoka for a 3 night healing getaway with a very small intimate group of incredible women.


Located in Gravenhurst, Ontario, just a short 10 minute drive from town, our retreat space is nestled among the trees in a quiet bay area overlooking Lake Muskoka.  Surrounded by gorgeous hiking trails lined with red and white pines and resting nearby the soothing sounds of the lake lapping onto shore, our luxurious and cozy Scandanavian style home is the perfect picturesque spot to immerse ourselves deeply to find our way back home to our true selves.

The great Canadian outdoors, incredible women, and deeply inspiring conversations await you. While surrounded by some of the most passionate and inspiring people you’ll meet, you will form deep connections with like-minded women and together we will dive deep into our own unique healing journeys, together.


This will be a weekend like no other.  As a small intimate group, we will be tucked away in our own private beautiful home on the water and come together and connect deeply, explore our inner landscape, and step fully into our fullest expression of self, together in sacred sisterhood.  You will feel safe, nurtured, and deeply held.

Get ready to….

                 Reconnect with your soul, needs, and desires so you can live in your truest expression of self feeling 

                 deeply fulfilled

                 Rewild your inner nature so that you can cultivate more awareness, acceptance, and resilience leading to                   a more authentic you

                 Reclaim your voice, power, and body so you can live on your own terms and fully embody your true self                     feeling free         

Now is the time to start living a life you truly love!

muskoka outside.png

Does your mind, body, and soul need some time away from all the noise and confusion long enough to….

~To unwind
~To reflect
~To explore
~To restore
~To connect

We’ll be doing ALL of this and MORE!

We hear you and we’ve got your back sister!

It is no accident that you’ve found your way here!

We know how messy life can feel at times, and we also know that there is profound healing waiting right around the corner for you!

And even though there is probably a never ending list of “to do’s” filling up your life right now, we’ve discovered that deep transformations happen when you step outside of the daily grind and get some distance from your comfort zone so you have the space to tune into your true authentic version of yourself!

                   If you have been feeling stuck and forgotten what is feels like to be yourself, then it’s time to let us show you the way.

                   If you need a retreat just long enough to rediscover what makes YOU happy, then this experience is for you!

                   If you need to find some clarity in your life so you can make some meaningful changes, we got this!

                   If you've read all the self-help books and still are faced with the same challenges, we have something different for you.

                   If you long to finally find the emotional freedom you have been chasing for so very long, we can give you the tools.

                   If you want to truly embody more confidence and self-esteem so that you can show up more fully in life, this is the place.

                   If things in your life aren't in alignment and you find yourself holding back from making changes, we can help.

                   If you know in your heart that there’s a bigger purpose for your life, we are here to tell you THERE IS!

                   If you are wanting to connect more deeply with yourself and strengthen your intuition, we can guide you through this.

                   If you long to deepen the relationships in your life and create more connection and passion, we can give you the practices.

                   If you are craving sacred sisterhood and to feel loved and supported my like-minded women, you will find your sisters here!

We are here to help you rediscover your true self and deepest desires!

That’s right, now is the time to connect more intimately with yourself!

To escape to nature away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day existence.
To enjoy the journey free of distraction so that you can finally take a deep breath and let go.
To unburden yourself in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded women who “get” you and are ready to support you on this deeply moving experience.
To “un-learn” the stories and conditioning you’ve held onto for years that no longer serve you in order to embody the best version of yourself.
To come home renewed with more power and clarity and ready to embrace your life with a new found sense of ease and freedom you haven’t felt in years.

Blond Wavy Hair

This is your time! Get ready to….

Reconnect, ReWild, Reclaim!

Our magical retreat is divided into three very distinct (and significant) parts.

Each part of our journey symbolizes a step in the direction of your healing and transformation.
Our retreat space has been specifically chosen to create an environment ripe for self-discovery.
Not only will you get to immerse yourself and explore the beauty of cottage country, but along the way you will discover the sacred spaces that exist within you.

Here’s what you can expect while on this retreat:

Healthy & Delicious Nourishing Meals

Our fabulous in house nutritionist and culinary extraordinaire, Nicole Benson, will be creating delicious and healthy meals to fuel and nourish us. There will be an array of different options to choose from at each meal, so you will have the opportunity to pick and choose what you would like. The meals will consist of fresh, natural ingredients, made consciously and with Love. There will be light snacks and beverages available all day long, to enjoy between meals. We will have two themed dinner nights as a journey for your taste buds and senses.  Our meal times will give you a chance to relax, unwind, and connect with the food on your plate and your new sisters that you are sharing this meal with. You will leave this weekend feeling well-fed and nourished.


Each of the meals will be dairy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based (Vegan/Vegetarian friendly). *Exception – we will have cow’s milk available as an option at the coffee/tea station.  Meals included: Thursday dinner, Friday & Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner, Sunday brunch.


Please let us know if you have any specific food allergies we should be aware of.  

Flower Beauty

Healing and Personal Development

You will be immersed in profound teachings and knowledge through workshops & experiential exercises which are focused on healing and personal growth.  We will also dive into the health of our nervous systems so that we can optimize our fullest potential.

You will learn powerful tools and strategies to release emotions, increase your confidence, strengthen your intuition, and identify any blocks that are getting in the way of your happiness.  You will learn how to shift your mindset and connect more deeply with your core values so that you can feel more fulfilled and free!

You will also experience workshops focused on connecting more intimately to your divine feminine and you will learn how to embody that beautiful and sacred part of yourself.  These practices are designed to help you connect more with your authentic voice, your body's wisdom, and your fierce magic!

Yoga & Meditation

You will have yoga and meditation classes throughout the retreat. Yoga will be a mix of hatha, yin, and restorative practices helping you to connect more deeply with your body. Meditation will also be offered and you will learn practices that we will build upon each day so that by the end of the retreat you will have set up a strong foundation for continuing your own practice once returning home.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular student, classes are suitable for all bodies and or any level of practice.

muskoka yoga2.jpg
Women Holding Hands

Sister Circle

As women, we are hard wired for connection and community, and that’s exactly what we will be creating while on retreat together. You will build deep and meaningful connections with your fellow sisters and create lifelong memories together. Together, as a sisterhood and community, we will support each other along our individual and collective journey to healing and wellness and form unbreakable bonds to last a lifetime. We will spend the weekend connecting deeply, sharing openly, supporting and encouraging one another, laughing, and probably crying together too. It is absolutely magical what happens when women come together in such an intimate way.  We will redefine what it means to be in true sisterhood with one another.


Our retreat is being held on Lake Muskoka in a beautiful custom built timber frame home.  We have six luxurious bedrooms and three full bathrooms and a powder room. You will find our signature pillow-top beds with 400-thread-count linens.  Be inspired by the south west facing lake views from the soaring, two-story Great with accompanying fireplace.​  In all three bathrooms are large rain shower heads, one with a deep soaker tub & a first floor powder room.  We will enjoy gathering on the deck together or lounging on the large swim dock. 

The waterfront is approximately 100 feet of natural shoreline, accessible via a short staircase and sloping path past Canadian Shield rock face. Our retreat home sits amid a canopy of mature trees providing summer shade. There is also often a cooling breeze from the lake.

You will very comfortable and cozy at our space, making it the perfect environment for you to connect more intimately with yourself and the other women.

muskoka bed3.jpg
muskoka lounge.jpg

“Me Time”

This is our promise to you: you’ll have plenty of time to yourself if you want. Lounge around on the couch while you read your favorite book. Take a contemplative walk on the beautiful wooded trails. Relax on the deck or large dock with a cup of tea overlooking the lake.  Head to town for a fun experience on a wine tasting tour or wander through quaint town and visit the local shops.  There will be opportunities for you to choose what you feel you need for yourself.  Isn’t it nice to have a choice? We thought so!

Adventure & Fun!

Rest assured, although we will be diving into our healing and transformation journey, we will definitely be making time for adventure and fun.  We have the option to explore the beautiful hiking trails nearby, book in for a fun wine tasting tour, or spend time exploring the area and local shops. 


By the end of this retreat you will have:

          Identified all the old beliefs about yourself that have been holding you back and have the tools to change them

          Become knowledgeable about your own nervous system and have learned the tools to nourish and heal it

          Shifted your mindset so that you can start feeling inspired, fulfilled, and begin to live the life you dream of

          Given yourself the gift of “me time” and cultivated a renowned sense of radical acceptance and deep compassion

          Enhanced your body awareness and meditation practice so that you can continue the momentum once home

          Reveled in the sacredness of sisterhood and created powerful bonds to help propel your life moving forward


          Discovered the strategies for releasing emotions and embodying more confidence and self-esteem


          Learned the powerful strategies and practices for healing and cultivating beautiful relationships in your life 

          Cultivated an intimate connection with your divine feminine so you can live with more ease, passion, and freedom

          Be ready to take big inspired action steps towards your highest truth and vision so you can unleash your power

What's Included:


3 night luxurious stay at our beautiful home on Lake Muskoka

Daily fresh breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks


Coffee, tea, and water daily

Opening & Closing  Sacred Ceremonies

Yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes

Personal development and healing workshops

Live Group Coaching Sessions


Sacred sisterhood circle time (everyone's favourite part!)

Education about neuroscience and the nervous system


Divine Feminine & Embodiment Practices


Guided Hike & Outdoor activities


Personal Workbook

Incredible conversations, paradigm-shifting insights, priceless connections and copious laughte

Special gifts!

What’s Not Included:

Transportation to and from the retreat home


Wine tasting tours or other local events

Registration & Payment Information

Registration is now OPEN for applications.  

This is not a first come first serve event.  Our ReWilding Retreats are very intimate and sacred and our team will be mindfully selecting women to join us in circle for this powerful experience. Please fill out your application with that in mind.  We truly value the power of sisterhood and connection and we are very conscious about our group dynamics.

Once selected, you will receive an email about the registration and payment process.  A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to hold your spot.  We only have availability for 10 women on this retreat so space is very limited.


Prices are based on shared accommodation with 2 women per room.

If you are travelling alone, and would like to be paired up with someone to share a room, we can make that happen!


**All prices are in CAD dollars**


-2 pillow top beds

-shared bathroom

-rainfall shower

$777+ tax CAD

muskoka bed3.jpg

Additional Information

What to Bring:

Layered clothing to accommodate varying temperatures

Journal and pen

Yoga Mat and other props if you wish

Something to wear that makes you feel beautiful

An altar item

Your authentic self and big beautiful heart

What People Are Saying

"It’s really hard to put into words the amount of love and gratitude I have for Laurita, our beautiful, strong, wise and fierce retreat leader. Not only did she choose the most gorgeous setting, surrounded by all the beauty that nature could possibly provide but she created a space so lovely and so sacred for us all to come together to create the most uplifting vibes and most beautiful experiences that exceeded all my dreams and expectations .  She made us all feel loved, appreciated, and special with every day that we spent together in our bond of sisterhood.  I met the most wonderful women who I know for sure that I will continue to have friendships with that will last a lifetime.  Laurita gave us all the opportunity to push past our boundaries, believe in ourselves, and find our inner light, our inner child, and our inner beauty. Something that we all have always had in us but somewhere along the way we lose sight of it and we as women all deserve to find that peace and happiness again in our life. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was I was looking for when I took this leap of faith to join this adventure, all I knew was that I felt lost and needed something.  My experiences on this trip gave me clarity, strength, and so much love for myself and I will never be able to fully explain how truly grateful I am to Laurita for all she did for us. If you are looking for a reset in life, a chance to refresh, renew and find that quietness in your mind again you need to do this for yourself, you need to work with Laurita. I promise you it will be the most incredible experience of your life!"

"The decision to go on retreat was not one that I made lightly. It took a lot of strength, courage and belief in myself but I am so glad that I took that leap. I did not know a single woman before arriving, but it was such an instant connection of sisterhood full of support and positivity. Laurita made each woman in the group feel heard, understood, and safe during every interaction, whether that was in circle or out exploring the beauty of our surroundings."


"I went on retreat to find more clarity and purpose in my life and I came back with so much more. I have gained the experience of a new culture while continuing to take major steps within myself to be more present in my daily life and let go of all that has been holding me back.  Beyond my internal growth and takeaways, I will forever cherish the friendships I have made and the memories I have shared with my new sisters. We laughed, we cried, we danced in the rain, we overcame so many challenges and we did it all together- so powerful."


"I cannot begin to thank Laurita enough. I have never met someone so fierce and authentic. She has this innate ability to bring women together and cultivate personal healing and growth.  It is so beautiful to witness. For anyone considering going on a retreat with Laurita, you could not ask for a better leader. If you are feeling that pull, follow your intuition! You will never regret being true to yourself."

"Laurita picked a peace of magical paradise for all of us.  Laurita had a well thought out and attention to detail schedule planned for the group daily. We would start the morning in silence, and begin our morning yoga practice and a daily workshop later in the day. Every second day we would have the option to go on an adventure. This would include snorkelling, surfing, cooking class, shopping and an early hike up a mountain! Please remember the choice is yours, Laurita just gives you your options. Relaxing by the beautiful, blow your mind away pool, was always an option.  Looking back on it, l loved it all, and did it all!! However, it was the workshops with Laurita that made the difference, spiritually and mentally. Better clarity is something we could all use and I would leave a workshop feeling twenty pounds lighter.  I’d like to thank Laurita for my life changing, eye opening journey. She makes a difference!!"

"There was an immediate connection with the group and with Laurita. I am usually not one to share, but our workshops and post yoga conversations really encouraged this though and I am forever grateful of letting down my guard and sharing my fears, doubts, and ultimately my love with the group.  Laurita took care of all of the planning for us. Everything from finding the most amazing retreat location, to scheduling our yoga, workshops, and the most incredible excursions. As a group of spirited women, we faced new adventures and challenges. Everything from surfing to climbing a mountain for sunrise. Each woman supported one another without hesitation. And our fearless leader was at the helm encouraging us to push ourselves to new limits.  Back in my day to day life, I am taking time to savour moments that I used to rush through. I am going easier on others I love and I am also going easier on myself. Knowing that I am."

"It is very difficult to reduce a trip that was completely life-changing for me, into a few paragraphs. When I signed up to go on retreat, with Laurita, I was very excited for a new kind of travel and personal growth experience. It was as though my soul just shouted, “Do This!’ The experience, as a whole, provided an amazing opportunity for each and everyone of us there to stretch our comfort zones, expand our beliefs about ourselves, create new friendships and deepen into our relationship with our own being. She provided phenomenal adventures that were so diverse and steeped in rich culture. It was nothing short of amazing to have everything so carefully thought out and looked after with such care and attention to detail. Details such as: personally selecting the drivers to take us to and from our resort to our excursions, organizing hiking up a mountain at sunrise, surfing, arranging special meal accommodations ensuring our group had the most amazing experience, inviting yoga and meditation practices, beautiful welcoming and closing ceremonies, personal attention and care and so much more! Learning the absolute value in creating a daily routine of movement and self-reflection, first thing in the morning was in and of itself, life altering for me. My heart still feels giddy with excitement when I think about the amazing things I experienced on retreat with Laurita. I can not think of one thing that I wished were different. My experience on this trip was life altering and soul expanding. There are so many ways which my life has been positively impacted. I carry forward, each and every day, a heart-felt appreciation and deep gratitude for all that she provided for us."


"Laurita was definitely my inspiration to do a trip like this. After hearing her stories about travelling and the life changing moments made me feel like it was something I needed to experience for myself. Being a mom of three boys and the constant craziness in life made me feel like I had lost myself and I needed to reconnect. Laurita and the group of ladies I was with made my leaps out of my comfort zone feel safe and easy. The support, connections, and memories made have filled my heart with so much hope and joy. For once in my life I’ve finally realized how important it is for me to be happy and what it is that truly makes me happy. The workshops and circle time with the group forced me out of my comfort zone to talk about things that I had held inside for so long. I always felt safe, supported, and loved in this process that allowed me to be the person I want to be. I had only done yoga a handful of times in my life and never really practiced meditation. It really opened my eyes as to how much it helped with my anxiety and to calm my mind. Laurita isn’t just running a retreat with a schedule of workshops and yoga. She is constantly sharing her time and connecting with everyone involved in various different and very personal ways. You leave this experience knowing that you have made a friend for life. She goes above and beyond to make every woman feel incredibly special. Put aside any doubts and listen to the inner calling that is pulling you toward doing this. You will never regret it."

"Holding space for someone without judgement allows that person to be vulnerable and open and Laurita holds that space for everyone. Having our sacred sisterhood circles was my most favourite time of the day. Laurita would check in with us several times a day. She is selfless and always made sure to accommodate us regardless of what she may have planned out. Our well-being was always first and foremost.  When you make a commitment to elevate your life and do something for you, change is inevitable. To have someone by your side during that transition is invaluable - Laurita is that person by your side."

"Being present for this retreat was truly life changing. Every single part of my being was open and ready for the biggest transformation of my life and that’s exactly what I got from this experience. You can’t describe the way you feel when you are there except for the fact that it felt like how you would imagine heaven to be, but on earth. All my anxieties disappeared like a fish does down a stream.  I flowed with every feeling I felt and was truly present in my mind and in my body throughout the whole experience. Not a day goes by that I don’t reminisce about this stunningly beautiful place and experience. Laurita is a beautiful soul, she made me feel so comfortable and allowed the space everyone needed mentally and physically to transform and face who they really were with all the vulnerabilities that came along with the experience."

"Making the decision to invest this time, money & energy into me was not easy, a big decision and I'm so glad I said YES.  I was drawn to this retreat because Laurita was leading it.  I knew I loved her style & approach as a yoga teacher & life coach and I also knew she'd be an amazing leader of our time, energy, excursions & healing. Laurita was generous with her time, fully present, flexible and supportive !  The retreat property was beautiful and peaceful - not describable in words!  The food - fresh and delicious - much of it grown on the property.  And the spa services - heavenly!"

"I discovered so much about myself while I was on retreat.  I formed new beliefs and a new level of trust.  Trust in my journey.  Trust in the universe.  Trust that what is, is meant to be.  I had amazing experiences with meditation that I hadn't before.  I met new people who will stay in my heart forever.  We had an incredible group together!  I came back a better version of me, a more authentic version of me.  And each day I take a moment before I get out of bed to continue to my gratitude practice that I fully embraced while in Bali.  I will forever and ever be grateful for my experience in Bali and to Laurita for leading me there and leading me through."

"When I arrived on retreat all of my anxieties had just vanished and it was the most incredible feeling.  It seemed as if nothing mattered.  The sights and sounds were a beautiful distraction from the chaos that was going through my mind just one day prior to landing in this beautiful country.  We were greeted at the airport by Laurita, our retreat leader, with water, healthy snacks, you name it she had it.  The grounds we stayed on were considered sacred and safe from the outside world.  The meals everyday were incredible.  We woke up everyday for a silent yoga and meditation practice.  It was truly transformational.  I was exposed to who I truly was in Bali, there was no more hiding or feeling unworthy.  I was enough.  I felt like I was accepted and more importantly I was happy.  I had never been that happy in my entire life.  It was indescribable how alive and present I felt, it was surreal."


"I joined Laurita and a group of amazing strong women in Bali on retreat. At the time, I knew the trip was going to be amazing, but there was no preparing for the transformational energy and beauty that I got the pleasure of experiencing. From the second I stepped foot in Indonesia, change started taking place within myself. The lush tropical jungles, the amazing locals who make you feel at home, and of course Laurita, all made for the most magnificent trip."

"Laurita provided a mind, body, and soul experience that allowed me to quiet my mind and open my heart and truly experience the calmness of being one with my mind and body, and of all things I would say this was one of the most powerful moments I had experienced. The bond built within our tribe of women was remarkable.  We laughed, cried, and connected with one another, and it did not take long before these complete strangers felt like family that I had known my whole life.  We experienced a shift together, and because of this will forever be bonded."

"Life gets busy, it's so easy to lose sight of ourselves and what our body and souls need and this retreat is tailor made to help you focus on reviving yourself and connecting with yourself in a way that doesn't seem possible. I am so excited to join this retreat again, and I cannot wait to reconnect with myself as well as to connect with the amazing women embarking on this journey of self-realization and self-love."

"From the moment I signed up, up to this very day I sit and write this testimony, Laurita beautifully led and supported me and every sister alike. She held great space for each one of us. It’s truly remarkable what she provides as a leader/facilitator of this retreat and any future retreats.  The difference I recognized of Laurita’s retreat and what I know of comparable retreats/leaders, is that Laurita leads this from a deep, pure, and natural passion, and it was evident almost instantly of the careful thought, consideration, and intuition that Laurita put forth to have this
be a multi leveled experience for all. Bali is a beautiful place as is, but nothing, and I mean nothing would have
made this experience what it was without Laurita’s skills, experience, leadership, and natural magic. Every detail I appreciated, every workshop I learned something either of myself or for use to bring home to continue with
bettering myself. I have made friendships and bonds with the Bali Babes that I know will last my lifetime. I’m so grateful for choosing this commitment to myself.  If you are considering embarking on a ReWilding the Feminine retreat with
Laurita Gorman, I would simply say, make it happen, you wont regret it."

"During my private session with Laurita while on retreat I started a healing process. Healing work can be challenging and Laurita makes it all the more easy with her genuine compassion for others, her education, and life experiences.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops while on retreat, which ranged from deep and emotional sessions to fun and joyful ones. They are a wonderful opportunity to get to know your sisters in circle, as well as learn how to accept and define yourself.  In each workshop, Laurita provides tools that help us to learn about ourselves and start living as who we are in a space that’s empowering and accepting. To anyone who is interested in a retreat with Laurita, be prepared to learn about yourself, be willing to test your limits, say yes to trying new things, and most importantly....  go have fun, it’s worth it."

Now is the time to finally say YES to yourself and come back home to your body and soul!

Choose to commit to this life changing and soul stretching experience.

Choose to rise up and transform your life.

Choose love.

Choose you.

Because nothing changes in our lives, until we do!

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