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Transformational Retreats

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Rediscover Yourself in the Lush Tropics of Bali!

If you are passionate about creating an authentic life that you wake up to everyday feeling alive, inspired, and free, then join us in Bali for an exotic and inspiring 10 day healing journey!


Set on five sprawling hectares of exotic land, you will gaze out at the hillside gardens amongst lush tropical forests in the mountains just outside of Ubud, Bali. The spirit of this magical island, known as the “island of the Gods”, is simply captivating. Bali is rich in culture, history, and spiritual rituals, making it the perfect picturesque spot to immerse ourselves deeply to find our way back home to our true selves.

Ancient temples, majestic volcanoes, lush rice terraces, and deeply inspiring conversations await you. While surrounded by some of the most passionate and inspiring people you’ll meet, you will form deep connections with like-minded women and together we will dive deep into our own unique healing journeys, together.


This will be a journey like no other. We’re here to do some of the most profound inner healing work to radically transform your life from the inside out. Eager to learn more?

Get ready to….

                 Release old patterns of behaviours and stored emotions so that you can invite more freedom, ease, and                     joy into your life

                 Rewild your inner nature so that you can cultivate more awareness, acceptance, and resilience leading to                   a more authentic you

                 Reclaim your life on your own terms and embody your true self so that you can finally love the life you                       live!

Now is the time to start living a life you truly love!

Remember the life you’ve been dreaming about while you’re busy dragging yourself through the one you’re in right now? Dream no more!

Can you imagine not only loving your life but finally feeling free and at ease within yourself? You absolutely can experience all of this!


Does your mind, body, and soul need some time away from all the noise and confusion long enough to….

~To unwind
~To reflect
~To explore
~To restore
~To connect

We’ll be doing ALL of this and MORE!

We hear you and we’ve got your back sister!

It is no accident that you’ve found your way here!

We know how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve suffered and we also know that there is profound healing waiting right around the corner for you!

And even though there is probably a never ending list of “to do’s” filling up your life right now, we’ve discovered that deep transformations happen when you step outside of the daily grind and get some distance from your comfort zone so you have the space to tune into your true authentic version of yourself!

                   If you have been feeling stuck and forgotten what is feels like to be yourself, then it’s time to let us show you the way.

                   If you need a retreat just long enough to rediscover what makes YOU happy, then this experience is for you!

                   If you'need to find some clarity about why you are really here and what you should be doing with your life, we got this!

                   If you've read all the self-help books and still are faced with the same challenges, we have something different for you.

                   If you long to finally find the emotional freedom you have been chasing for so very long, we can give you the tools.

                   If you want to truly embody more confidence and self-esteem so that you can show up more fully in life, this is the place.

                   If things in your life aren't in alignment and you find yourself holding back from making changes, we can help.

                   If you know in your heart that there’s a bigger purpose for your life, we are here to tell you THERE IS!

                   If you feel like something beautiful is seeking to emerge, something so healing and powerful , we can help support you!

We are here to help you rediscover your true self and deepest desires!

That’s right, now is the time to connect more intimately with yourself!

To escape to an exotic land far away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day existence.
To enjoy the journey free of distraction so that you can finally take a deep breath and let go.
To unburden yourself in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded women who “get” you and are ready to support you on this deeply moving experience.
To “un-learn” the stories and conditioning you’ve held onto for years that no longer serve you in order to embody the best version of yourself.
To come home renewed with more power and clarity and ready to embrace your life with a new found sense of ease and freedom you haven’t felt in years.

Blond Wavy Hair

This is your time! Get ready to….

Release, Rewild, Reclaim!

Our magical retreat is divided into three very distinct (and significant) parts.

Each part of our journey symbolizes a step in the direction of your healing and transformation.
Our retreat centre has been specifically chosen to create an environment ripe for self-discovery.
Not only will you get to explore the sacred spaces of Bali, but along the way you will discover the sacred spaces within your own soul.

Here’s what you can expect while on this retreat:



Balinese mythology tells a tale of the gods creating a land so important it is the home to all of the deities. Imagine yourself exploring the “island of the gods,” a diverse and colorful culture that has survived for thousands of years. You’ll be amazed at the detail the Balinese put into maintaining their daily practices as they celebrate the eternal struggle of good versus evil that is at the very core of their Hindu beliefs.

Art and music are integral to Balinese life and these kind and generous people are skilled in the arts of painting, weaving, woodcarving and jewelry making. Join them as they celebrate each special occasion with traditional and elaborate dancing, backed by the distinctive and soulful sounds of the gamelan, an ensemble of percussive instruments. Even a short visit to Bali will leave an impression that is sure to last for years.

Exquisite Cuisine

Prepare your palette for a mouth-watering experience like none other! Snack on succulent fruits or sip the milk out of a fresh young coconut.

Our retreat centre provides the freshest products, blended with fresh herbs and spices for a scintillating and unforgettable dining experience. A daily menu is specially designed to offer a wide range of Indonesian and International dishes and wines.
Vegetarians and vegans will be delighted by the seemingly endless choices! When it’s time for a treat, you’ll be delighted by rich chocolates, creamy rice puddings, coconut concoctions or sweet palm sugar pastries.


Special diets are available and can be tailored to individual needs, e.g. digestive disorders, allergies, and sensitivities etc. All vegetables are organically grown on the grounds of the retreat centre, observing strict ecological principles.

Flower Beauty

Healing and Personal Development

You will be immersed in profound teachings and knowledge through several workshops focused on cutting edge neuroscience and deeply healing somatic exercises – all designed to light up your nervous system by helping you discover the mind-body-environment connection.

You will learn powerful tools and strategies to release emotions, increase your confidence, strengthen your intuition, and identify any blocks that are getting in the way of your happiness.  You will learn how to shift your mindset and connect more deeply with your core values so that you can feel more fulfilled and free!

You will also experience workshops focused on connecting more intimately to your divine feminine and you will learn how to embody that beautiful and sacred part of yourself.  These practices are designed to help you connect more with your authentic voice, your body's wisdom, and your fierce magic!

Yoga, Meditation & Conscious Breathwork

You will have daily yoga and meditation classes throughout the retreat. Yoga will be a mix of hatha, yin, and restorative practices helping you to connect more deeply with your body. Meditation will also be offered daily and you will learn new practices that we will build upon each day so that by the end of the retreat you will have set up a strong foundation for continuing your own practice once returning home.

You will also receive powerful healing techniques through conscious breath workshops that help to release blocked emotions and pain and create more flow and ease within the body.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular student, classes are modified to accommodate any level of practice.

Meditation by the sea
Women Holding Hands

Find Your Tribe

As human beings, we are hard wired for connection and community, and that’s exactly what we will be creating while on retreat together. You will build deep and meaningful connections with your fellow sisters and create lifelong memories together. Together, as a tribe and community, we will support each other along our individual and collective journey to healing and wellness and form unbreakable bonds to last a lifetime. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to join your soul sisters for a tour or night on the town if you wish. Whether or not you come on this retreat with a friend or make a few while you are here, you’ll never feel alone (unless you want to be alone) and you’ll never be left out. This retreat is all about connecting with like-minded women in a nourishing, non-judgmental space!


Set in 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst lush tropical forests in the mountains near Ubud, Bali, the retreat centre provides luxurious villas that offers the true spirit and grace of Asian inspired traditional healing.

The villas are spacious with large bathrooms including tub and shower. Each villa has a private veranda, perfect for quiet reflection, reading, or writing where you can enjoy stunning views of mountains, valleys and lush tropical flora and fauna.

This facility was master planned to provide sufficient space between villas for absolute privacy, and in a circular style based upon early primitive village dwellings combined with the chakra principle concerning energy flow. 


Self Care & Pampering

Part of connecting more intimately with our divine feminine includes indulging in self care and gifting your body with the love it deserves.  We would never take you to Bali, a land known for natural healing remedies, without treating you to a sample of this culture’s bodywork! You will experience a luxurious spa treatment during your stay that will help you to fully relax and release and by the end of the retreat, you will surely feel refreshed and renewed! 


You also have the opportunity, if you wish, to learn how to make your very own natural spa recipe from the traditional and ancient healing properties of Indonesian Jamu.  You will be shown the herb garden on site and will be guided on how to make your own treatment products to take home with you!


“Me Time”

This is our promise to you: you’ll have plenty of time to yourself if you want. Lounge around the pool while you read your favorite book. Take a contemplative walk in the lush tropical gardens. Forage through the rice terraces and jungles or trek to a scenic waterfall for a refreshing dip. Wander through quaint towns and shop to your heart’s content or discover an ancient temple or two. There will be days you can do as much as you want or nothing at all. Isn’t it nice to have a choice? We thought so!


Adventure & Fun!

Rest assured, although we will be diving deep into our healing and transformation, we will definitely be making time for adventure and fun in the sun while exploring around Bali!  There are endless options to choose from such as cycling, surfing, hiking, Balinese dance lessons, cooking classes, jungle trekking, village tours, sacred rituals and holy spring temple tours, and visiting the markets in Ubud for some shopping and fun with the ladies!

One activity that is really special to partake in as a group is the famous climb and hike up Mount Batur to catch the sunrise!  It truly is a spectacular experience and often is a highlight for the group.  You will challenge yourself, bond with the group, and create beautiful memories to last a lifetime!  Oh, and you'll also get some great photos up top and maybe even make friends with a monkey or two!



Date: April 4th-14th 2019

Location:  Bali, Indonesia

Description: SOLD OUT


Costa Rica

Date:  April 18-25 2020

Location: Nosara, Costa Rica

Description: Limited Spots Available



Date:  February 2021

Location: TBA

Description: TBA


ReWilding the Feminine

Bali Retreat

April 4th-14th 2019

By the end of this retreat you will have:

          Identified all the old beliefs about yourself that have been holding you back and have the tools to change them

          Become knowledgeable about your own nervous system and have learned the tools to nourish and heal it

          Shifted your mindset so that you can start feeling inspired, fulfilled, and begin to live the life you dream of

          Given yourself the gift of “me time” and cultivated a renowned sense of radical acceptance and deep compassion

          Enhanced your body awareness and meditation practice so that you can continue the momentum once home

          Reveled in the sacredness of sisterhood and created powerful bonds to help propel your life moving forward


          Discovered the strategies for releasing emotions and embodying more confidence and self-esteem


          Expanded your senses in a safe environment so you can return home with an enthusiasm you haven’t felt in years

          Cultivated an intimate connection with your divine feminine so you can live with more ease, passion, and freedom

          Be ready to take big inspired action steps towards your highest truth and vision so you can unleash your power

What's Included:

10 night stay at Superior Villa or Deluxe Spa Villa

Transportation to and from the airport

Daily organic breakfast and dinner (the meals are HUGE and very filling)

A Farewell Dinner with Special Balinese Celebration Ceremony

1 hour Balinese massage spa treatment

Daily yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes

Personal development and healing workshops


Sacred sisterhood circle time

Education and knowledge of neuroscience and the nervous system


Divine Feminine Practices and Ceremonies

Daily retreat activities as scheduled at the center

Use of health and well-being facility (pool, gym, hot Jacuzzi, and herbal steam bathroom in spa pavilion)

Welcome drink and chilled towel on arrival

A plate of tropical fruit (replenished daily)

2 bottles of mineral water daily per room (free refills with personal bottle)

Daily scheduled transport to Ubud area

Free internet connection (wi-fi) at lobby and restaurant area

Incredible conversations, paradigm-shifting insights, priceless connections and copious laughter

Surprises, gifts, and other delightful extras!

Access to our private Facebook Bali Retreat group. This is the place we’ll be sharing flight information, packing tips, inspiration and cool facts about Bali

Tribe time!

What’s Not Included:

Round Trip International Airfare

Personal, Medical, and Travel Insurance

Other transportation for additional activities



Tips for drivers, porters, housekeeping, spa, hotel, and restaurant staff

Souvenirs and shopping sprees

Alcoholic beverages, laundry, incidentals, additional spa services, personal phone calls or other activities not already mentioned

Registration & Payment Information

This retreat is SOLD OUT and at full capacity.

Stay tuned for details on our next retreat to Bali in 2020!



TBA for 2020



Payment Plan:

1 time payment of remaining balance after deposit


Installment options available


Feedback from Participants

"Being present for this retreat was truly life changing. Every single part of my being was open and ready for the biggest transformation of my life and that’s exactly what I got from this experience. You can’t describe the way you feel when you are there except for the fact that it felt like how you would imagine heaven to be, but on earth. All my anxieties disappeared like a fish does down a stream.  I flowed with every feeling I felt and was truly present in my mind and in my body throughout the whole experience. Not a day goes by that I don’t reminisce about this stunningly beautiful place and experience. Laurita is a beautiful soul, she made me feel so comfortable and allowed the space everyone needed mentally and physically to transform and face who they really were with all the vulnerabilities that came along with the experience."

"Making the decision to invest this time, money & energy into me was not easy, a big decision and I'm so glad I said YES.  I was drawn to this retreat because Laurita was leading it.  I knew I loved her style & approach as a yoga teacher & life coach and I also knew she'd be an amazing leader of our time, energy, excursions & healing. Laurita was generous with her time, fully present, flexible and supportive !  The retreat property was beautiful and peaceful - not describable in words!  The food - fresh and delicious - much of it grown on the property.  And the spa services - heavenly!"

"I discovered so much about myself while I was on retreat.  I formed new beliefs and a new level of trust.  Trust in my journey.  Trust in the universe.  Trust that what is, is meant to be.  I had amazing experiences with meditation that I hadn't before.  I met new people who will stay in my heart forever.  We had an incredible tribe!  I came back a better version of me, a more authentic version of me.  And each day I take a moment before I get out of bed to continue to my gratitude practice that I fully embraced while in Bali.  I will forever and ever be grateful for my experience in Bali and to Laurita for leading me there and leading me through."

"When I arrived on retreat all of my anxieties had just vanished and it was the most incredible feeling.  It seemed as if nothing mattered.  The sights and sounds were a beautiful distraction from the chaos that was going through my mind just one day prior to landing in this beautiful country.  We were greeted at the airport by Laurita, our retreat leader, with water, healthy snacks, you name it she had it.  The grounds we stayed on were considered sacred and safe from the outside world.  The meals everyday were incredible.  We woke up everyday for a silent yoga and meditation practice.  It was truly transformational.  I was exposed to who I truly was in Bali, there was no more hiding or feeling unworthy.  I was enough.  I felt like I was accepted and more importantly I was happy.  I had never been that happy in my entire life.  It was indescribable how alive and present I felt, it was surreal."


"I joined Laurita and a group of amazing strong women in Bali on retreat. At the time, I knew the trip was going to be amazing, but there was no preparing for the transformational energy and beauty that I got the pleasure of experiencing. From the second I stepped foot in Indonesia, change started taking place within myself. The lush tropical jungles, the amazing locals who make you feel at home, and of course Laurita, all made for the most magnificent trip."

"Laurita provided a mind, body, and soul experience that allowed me to quiet my mind and open my heart and truly experience the calmness of being one with my mind and body, and of all things I would say this was one of the most powerful moments I had experienced. The bond built within our tribe of women was remarkable.  We laughed, cried, and connected with one another, and it did not take long before these complete strangers felt like family that I had known my whole life.  We experienced a shift together, and because of this will forever be bonded."

" Life gets busy, it's so easy to lose sight of ourselves and what our body and souls need and this retreat is tailor made to help you focus on reviving yourself and connecting with yourself in a way that doesn't seem possible. I am so excited to join this retreat again, and I cannot wait to reconnect with myself as well as to connect with the amazing women embarking on this journey of self-realization and self-love."

Now is the time to finally say YES to yourself and come back home to your body and soul!

Choose to embark on this life changing journey.

Choose to rise up and transform your life.

Choose love.

Choose you.

Because nothing changes in our lives, until we do!

ReWilding the Feminine

Costa Rica Retreat

April 18th-25th 2020

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