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Basket and Wild Flowers


For the woman who is ready to live, lead & love from a place of power and RECLAIM all of who she is!

If you are ready to reclaim your voice, power & body and are passionate about creating an authentic life that you wake up to everyday feeling alive and inspired, then join us in a peaceful & stunning setting in Ontario for a beautiful day together with an intimate group of like-minded incredible women. 


Located in King, Ontario, just a short 5 minute drive from Bolton, our retreat space is nestled among the trees in a quiet area overlooking spacious fields.  Surrounded by green landscape and wildlife, our cozy and spacious log cabin home is the perfect picturesque spot to immerse ourselves deeply to find our way back home to our bodies.

A beautiful summer's day, incredible women, and deeply inspiring conversations await you. While surrounded by some of the most passionate and inspiring people you’ll meet, you will form deep connections with like-minded women and together we will dive deep into our own unique healing journeys, together.


This will be an experience like no other.  As a small intimate group, we will be tucked away in our own private beautiful home and come together and connect deeply, explore our inner landscape, and step fully into our fullest expression of self, together in sacred sisterhood.  You will feel safe, nurtured, and deeply held.

Get ready to….

                 Reconnect with your soul, needs, and desires so you can live in your truest expression of self feeling 

                 deeply fulfilled

                 Rewild your inner nature so that you can cultivate more awareness, acceptance, and resilience leading to                   a more authentic you

                 Reclaim your voice, power, and body so you can live on your own terms and fully embody your true self                     while feeling free         

Now is the time to start living a life you truly love!


Does your mind, body, and soul need some time away from all the noise and confusion long enough to….

~To unwind
~To reflect
~To explore
~To restore
~To connect

We’ll be doing ALL of this and MORE!

We hear you and we’ve got your back sister!

It is no accident that you’ve found your way here!

We know how messy life can feel at times, and we also know that there is profound healing waiting right around the corner for you!

And even though there is probably a never ending list of “to do’s” filling up your life right now, we’ve discovered that deep transformations happen when you step outside of the daily grind and get some distance from your comfort zone so you have the space to tune into your true authentic version of yourself!

                   If you have been feeling stuck and forgotten what is feels like to be yourself, then it’s time to let us show you the way.

                   If you need a a meaningful and inspiring day to rediscover what makes YOU happy, then this experience is for you!

                   If you need to find some clarity in your life so you can make some meaningful changes, we got this!

                   If you've read all the self-help books and still are faced with the same challenges, we have something different for you.

                   If you long to finally find the emotional freedom you have been chasing for so very long, we can give you the tools.

                   If you want to truly embody more confidence and self-esteem so that you can show up more fully in life, this is the place.

                   If things in your life aren't in alignment and you find yourself holding back from making changes, we can help.

                   If you know in your heart that there’s a bigger purpose for your life, we are here to tell you THERE IS!

                   If you are wanting to connect more deeply with yourself and strengthen your intuition, we can guide you through this.

                   If you long to deepen the relationships in your life and create more connection and passion, we can give you the practices.

                   If you are craving sacred sisterhood and to feel loved and supported my like-minded women, you will find your sisters here!

We are here to help you rediscover your true self and deepest desires!

That’s right, now is the time to connect more intimately with yourself!

To escape to nature away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day existence.
To enjoy the journey free of distraction so that you can finally take a deep breath and let go.
To unburden yourself in a safe and nurturing environment surrounded by like-minded women who “get” you and are ready to support you on this deeply moving experience.
To “un-learn” the stories and conditioning you’ve held onto for years that no longer serve you in order to embody the best version of yourself.
To come home renewed with more power and clarity and ready to embrace your life with a new found sense of ease and freedom you haven’t felt in years.


This is your time! Get ready to….

Reconnect, ReWild, Reclaim!

Our magical retreat is divided into three very distinct (and significant) parts.

Each part of our journey symbolizes a step in the direction of your healing and transformation.
Our retreat space has been specifically chosen to create an environment ripe for comfort, ease & self-discovery.
Not only will you get to relax and unwind in our beautiful log cabin home, but along the way you will discover the sacred spaces that exist within you.

Here’s what you can expect while on this retreat:

Healthy & Delicious Nourishing Meals

We will be creating delicious and healthy meals to fuel and nourish us. Our lunch will consist of fresh, natural ingredients, made consciously and with Love. There will be snacks and beverages available all hours, to enjoy throughout the day. Our time together over lunch will give you a chance to relax, unwind, and connect with the food on your plate and your new sisters that you are sharing this meal with. You will leave this day feeling well-fed and nourished.


Our lunch will be dairy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based (Vegan/Vegetarian friendly). *Exception – we will have cow’s milk available as an option at the coffee/tea station.  Meals included: Lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day.


Please let us know if you have any specific food allergies we should be aware of.  


Healing and Personal Development

You will be immersed in profound teachings and knowledge through workshops & experiential exercises which are focused on healing and personal growth.  We will also dive into the health of our nervous systems so that we can optimize our fullest potential.

You will learn powerful tools and strategies to release emotions, increase your confidence, strengthen your intuition, and identify any blocks that are getting in the way of your happiness.  You will learn how to shift your mindset and connect more deeply with your core values so that you can feel more fulfilled and free!

Somatics, Yoga & Meditation

You will have an opportunity to experience somatic practices, yoga and meditation. Yoga will be a mix of hatha, yin, and restorative practices helping you to connect more deeply with your body. Somatic practices will also be offered and you will learn tools to support you in creating a healthy foundation for your nervous system that you can continue to embody on your own once returning home.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a regular student or client of mine, all the practices are suitable for all bodies and or any level of practice. Modifications will be offered to accommodate your needs and preferences.

muskoka yoga2.jpg
Women Holding Hands

Sister Circle

As women, we are hard wired for connection and community, and that’s exactly what we will be creating while on retreat together. You will build deep and meaningful connections with your fellow sisters and create lifelong memories together. Together, as a sisterhood and community, we will support each other along our individual and collective journey to healing and wellness and form unbreakable bonds to last a lifetime. We will spend the our day together connecting deeply, sharing openly, supporting and encouraging one another, laughing, and probably crying together too. It is absolutely magical what happens when women come together in such an intimate way.  We will redefine what it means to be in true sisterhood with one another.


Our retreat is being held in Schomberg, Ontario in a beautiful log cabin home.  The log house is overlooking lush rolling hills. It is quiet, cozy and surrounded by green landscape and wildlife.  The home is spacious with a large yet cozy living room with an accompanying fireplace.  We also have a large pool and deck area outside with plenty of room to lounge and move our bodies. Be inspired by the vast green landscape, or relax indoors in the log cabin.

You will feel very comfortable and cozy at our space, making it the perfect environment for you to connect more intimately with yourself and the other women.


“Me Time”

You deserve to take one day out of your summer to focus on YOU!

You may be a mama, wife, partner, or caregiver and it's so vital to fill up your own cup every now and again.  Your nervous system AND your soul needs time and space away from the usual routine to reconnect back to your heart and to reignite the flame inside you once again.  The truth is, when you take care of yourself and your nervous system, you show up better in all of your relationships and life feels more easeful.  As women, we need one another, and coming together in such an intentional way to sit in circle to support each other is an experience that fills your heart like no other.  It is time to be in devotion to your heart and give yourself the gift of community, connection, and ceremony.

Fun & Laughter

Rest assured, although we will be diving into our healing and transformation journey, we will definitely be making time for fun & laughter.  Healing isn't always hard and doesn't need to be so serious all the time.  Often we can experience profound shifts and inner healing when we gather together and share moments of ease, joy, and pleasure. We will laugh, we will be silly, we will dance, and we will let ourselves feel free.


What's Included:


Full day retreat immersion with workshops, somatic tools & experiential embodiment practices 

Hands on somatic body work to support nervous system restoration

Yoga, meditation, and breathwork class

Live Group Coaching & Somatic Sessions

Education about neuroscience and the nervous system


A delicious plant based lunch + healthy snacks for grazing


Coffee, tea, and water

Opening & Closing  Sacred Ceremony

Sacred sisterhood circle time (everyone's favourite part!)

Incredible conversations, paradigm-shifting insights, priceless connections and copious laughter

Special gifts!

Registration & Payment Information

Sunday August 20th 2023


Registration is now OPEN for The RECLAIM Retreat!  


PRE SALE: $279 + HST (includes everything)

Pre sale price is currently in place until July 14th.

Spots have already been taken so if you are feeling a full hearted YES to this then book now!


Regular Price - $350 + HST

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